Power BI for Oil and Gas – Top Skillset Year 2021 for Post Pandemic Job Search and Employment


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Welcome to my channel Oil and Gas Master and today we are going to talk about Top skills to Land Get A Job in Oil and Gas During Pandemic Corona Virus


There are 5 skills that I will be sharing in details. If you want to check out the next skill, make sure you subscribe and follow my next videos for the updates.


As you all know, since Corona Virus strikes the world early 2020, oil industry have gone through tough times. Many people got laid off and salary cuts.


However, things are getting better with vaccine available around the world and things start to get better now in 2021 with the oil price above 70 Dollars per barrel as of June 2021.



So you don’t want to miss this opportunity to grab the chance when the OIl Industry is picking up.


So what are the skills that puts you in a position ahead of everybody else?


Here’s is what the oil industry players share their tips on the top skills required in OIl industry in 2021


First is Data Analytics


Oil companies are looking for ways to be more efficient and make more money without spending a dime to improve.


One of the trending ways to do it by doing Data Analytics. To explain further, I break it down into 2 parts


One is Data Collection and Analysis and second is Data Dashboarding


Data Collection means we are using raw data of process parameters, historical readings and records to perform optimization and predictive maintenance.


By analysing the trend and data behaviour, operators can understand how their process and equipments behave and how it looks when theres outliers and downtime.


From these information, they can perform actions and preventive maintenance before downtime occurs. So while handling these data, usually you would be handling many excels file and SQL.


So excel skill is important in this case. Learn more about how to integrate PI Datalink into excel, setting data rules and what if formulas.


Once the analysis is done, now we want to present these data to the higher managements


The management usually want to see a well presented data and information such as graphs. charts and tables. They don’t usually like to see raw, cluttered excel data.


You can have the option to create these graphs, charts and table through powerpoint and excel however they are limited especially when dealing with different excel files at once and dealing with live data.


Now, Microsoft has introduce a new software called Power B.I. in which it makes data presentation more beautiful and able to sync multiple data from different sources all in one sheet including Excel data, SQL, JSON  file etc.


Now, many major companies are currently utilising these and if you share some work examples of Power B.I to your future employer, they might be surprised and interested in hiring you.


So, Power B.I. and data analytics is the first new skill you should consider to master. And the best of all, you can download for free at the Microsoft Store!


To kick things started in Data Analytics area, I suggest you to go for online tutorials on Power B.I.


There are tons of free tutorials out there for you to learn from beginner to expert.


Now I would recommend you to try to get your hands dirty with the Power B.I. software and produce 1 or 2 personal projects to showcase Dashboard in your next interview.


You can also put it into your resume for Basic Level Power BI in the training skill section. This should increases your chance to get noticed by the recruiters.


So thats all from me today


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July 11, 2021

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