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  • IECEx Introduction

    This course is to introduce IECEx Codes and Standards which is widely used in Oil and Gas. This course will provide you basic understanding about IECEx and its requirement.

    TAKE THIS COURSERM250.00 RM99.00
  • HOW TO JOIN OIL & GAS 1 & 2

    Are you currently seeking to join/work in oil & Gas Industry but don't know how? or You already in this industry but looking for better opportunities? Then this is the right course for you! In this module we will teach you from a to z how to find job in Oil & Gas

    TAKE THIS COURSERM250.00 RM99.00
  • AutoCAD 2D & 3D

    Nama AutoCAD ni sudah pasti ramai pernah dengar tapi berapa ramai yang tak tahu pentingnya kena belajar skill AutoCAD.

    TAKE THIS COURSERM150.00 RM99.00
  • Introduction To Oil & Gas

    This Online Module for Introduction To Oil & Gas is to expose all participant what you need to know about Oil & Gas Industry.

    TAKE THIS COURSERM200.00 RM99.00

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