Are you looking for a Job & Internship in Oil & Gas? You are not sure how & where to begin? Do you seek for the best GUIDANCE TO JOIN OIL & GAS?

Why everyone wants to join Oil & Gas Industry?

Newspaper Kosmo! showing a Oil & Gas worker with Salary RM24,000 a month

Salary for Offshore Installation Personnel around RM10,000 to RM30,000 per month & for Saturation Diver is RM80,000 – RM200,000 per month!

An Oil & Gas worker share his personal experience about offshore allowance can reach RM80- RM350 per day, and can also reach thousands of Ringgits per day (Source: Blog Himpunan Cerita Lawak)

Majority of 16 Top Paid Salary Occupation are from Oil & Gas (Source: Mynewshub)

But! Why a lot of people find it hard to land a job in Oil Industry?

Since the oil price downturn last few years, jobs has been cut and many has been retrenched! Newspaper above shows PETRONAS has retrenched 1,000 personnel and cut projects (Source: The Edge)

More News about Oil Workers has been Retrenched (Source: Malay Mail Online

This downturn also affects our students & graduates! Many of them left jobless! 

This will also affect their survival! How can they survive without a job? Above shows newspaper highlighted one of the graduates could not get a job and left working as cleaner to survive.

What is the solution ?

What is this EBook is all about?

EBook ‘How To Join Oil & Gas for Students & Fresh Graduates’ is a guide ebook specific to help students & fresh graduates to get a job in Oil industry easily and quickly.

Unlike other ebook and other career guidance available, this ebook will guide the reader with numerous tips and tricks which is practical, fast and easy to do it. Its the lowest cost training solution for students and graduates to get a job in Oil industry!

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Who is the writer?

My name is Aizat Farhan, the writer of this e-book. I have studied Master in Engineering (MEng) of Chemical Engineering from University of Nottingham. I have just graduated 1 year when I start writing this e-book. Since my 3rd Year of my study I have started to receive job interviews from various Engineering companies. Up till my final days in University, I have received in total more than 15 job interviews before I graduated, more than any of friends and seniors could ever get. Among the companies are Schlumberger, BASF PETRONAS, Siemens, Lotte Chemical Titan, Synthomer, Ranhill Worley Parson, Muhibbah, SBN Industries, Dimension Bid, Geo Well, RWNA, East One Zero One just to name a few and more.

I have seen a lot of my friends, juniors and other graduates hardly land a job in this industry. So, I believe my personal experience can help them and let them achieve their goals

Among Companies I have received interview invitations...

Me before entering Schlumberger’s Field Engineer Interview

Me selected Muhibbah MyGrads Selection Programme

Me entering Emerson Building for Interview

and so many more uncountable interview invitations!
(didnt had chance to took pictures of every interview I went!)

Me during internships in Wireline Company

Won Champion in Oil & Gas Competition SPE in UTM Skudai

Received Job Offer from an Offshore Company

Received Job Offer from a Petrochemical Company

What Benefits you will Gain from this EBook?

  1. Understand what criteria the Oil & Gas Recruiter is looking for!
  2. How to get internships easily
  3. How to get Interview easily from Jobstreet & other Job Portals
  4. What you need to do as a student during studies
  5. What kind of Oil & Gas competition available to participate & How to Win them
  6. Tips & Tricks when searching Job in Career Fairs
  7. Find the cheapest & student budget Engineering Certifications
  8. List of HR Emails to apply internship & jobs


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and with this ebook, you will be able to land a job in Oil & Gas with high salary! 

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With every purchase of ebook, you can stand a chance to have my CV & Resume Free of Charge!

What makes my CV is so valuable is that it has landed me a numerous number of interview invitations! The resume is also recognised by the recruiter themselves that this CV is actually really good.

So with this CV, you can help yourself to try to tune and follow the layout and description close possible.

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Online coaching is for those who seeks:
  • Personalised Solution to Fix their personal background and experience and tailor it to fit into Oil & Gas Criteria
  • Build Customized CV & Resume which according to their education background and experience 
  • Guidance on which Position & Career they should choose for themselves in Oil & Gas and how to advance further
  • Training on how to amaze any Oil & Gas Recruiter in Interview 
  • Detailed guidance on how to find and apply for internships easily and in creative way
  • Guidance on how to join Oil & Gas even without any experience
  • and more! Anything you want to ask in order to join Oil & Gas can be answered in this coaching!